St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Katherine Moorehead, Dean of Florida
Timothy Tuller, Canon for Music 
Friday, April 22, 2011 - Hymnal 1982 
Good Friday

12:00pm - Good Friday Liturgy
Cathedral Choir
Anthem Frederick A Gore Ouseley
Is it nothing to you?
Anthem John Bull
In the departure of the Lord
Anthem Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
O Crux Ave
(Arista AE376)
Music Jules Massenet
Excerpt from "The Erynnies", Op. 10
1) Melodie - Elegie
Dr Cynthia Miller, cello
Music Anonymous Were you there?
(arrangement for cello and organ)
Dr Cynthia Miller, cello
Organ Johannes Brahms
Chorale Prelude on "O World, I Now Must Leave Thee"
Organ Johann Sebastian Bach
Chorale Prelude on "O Man, Bemoan Thy Grievous Sin", BWV 622
Tower Bells   tolled 33 times

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