St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Gustave Weltsek, Dean 
John Barry, Organist/Choirmaster(on vacation/continuing education)
Richard Fair, assistant director
Janet Schmidt, associate organist
Sunday, August 25, 1996 - Hymnal 1982 
Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

9:00am - Holy Eucharist
Parish/Family Choir
11:15am - Holy Eucharist
Cathedral Choir
Prelude Jean Baptiste Loeillet
Sonata in g minor
Richard McKenna, recorder
Introit Frederick A Gore Ouseley
From the rising of the sun [11] 
(Anthems for Choirs 1, Oxford)
Hymn tune: Aurelia  #525 "The Church's one foundation" 
Gloria Robert Powell
(b 1932)
#S280 [9]
Hymn tune: Domunus Regit Me #646 "The King of love my shepherd is" 
Offering tune: Torah Song #536 "Open your ears, O faithful people" [9] 
Offering Franz Joseph Haydn
Great and Glorious [11] 
(Belwin Mills 64065)
Hymn tune: Wareham #20 "Now Holy Spirt, ever One" 
Sanctus Robert Powell #S129
Communion tune: Olivet  #691 "My faith looks up to thee" [9]
Communion tune: Adoro Devote #314 "Humbly I adore thee, Verity unseen" [9]
Communion Tomás Luis de Victoria
Genitori Genitoque [11] 
(A Sixteenth Century Anthem Book, Oxford)
Hymn tune: St. Gertrude #562 "Onward, Christian soldiers" 
Postlude Andre Campra

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