St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Gustave Weltsek, Dean 
John Barry, Organist/Choirmaster 
Sunday, June 21, 1998 - Hymnal 1982 
Third Sunday after Pentecost
Father's Day

9:00am - Holy Eucharist [9]
Parish/Family Choir
11:15am - Holy Eucharist [11]
Cathedral Choir
Prelude Maurice Greene
Voluntary No. 1 in G Major
Introit Thomas Attwood
Teach me, O Lord [11] 
(Anthems for Choirs 1, Oxford)
Hymn tune: National Hymn #718 "God of our fathers"
Trisagion David Hurd
(b 1950)
Hymn tune: Oriel #248 "To the Name of our salvation" 
Offering Orlando di Lasso
Jubilate Deo [11] 
(G Schirmer 11410)
Hymn tune: St. Catherine #558 "Faith of our fathers" 
Sanctus David Hurd #S124
Communion tune: De Tar  #659 "O Master, let me walk with thee" [9] 
Lori Wagner, flute
Psalm chant: Thomas Attwood
#46 "God is our hope and strength" [11]
Hymn tune Laudes Domini #427 "When morning gilds the skies"
Postlude William Babell
Prelude in G Major

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