St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Gustave Weltsek, Dean 
Michael Bryant, Director of Urban Ministries, FRESHMinistries, sermon 
John Barry, Organist/Choirmaster 
Clifford Newton and Peter Voisin, trumpets 
Children's Choir - Amy Szkody, director, Patsy Butterbrodt, assistant 
Thursday, November 26, 1998 - Hymnal 1982 
Thanksgiving Day

10:00am - Holy Eucharist
Parish/Family Choir
Cathedral Choir
Prelude Johann Sebastian Bach
Excerpt from "Cantata 146" 
1) My spirit be joyful
Introit Christopher Tye
Laudate Nomen Domini (c 1553) 
Hymn tune: St. George's, Windsor #290 "Come, ye thankful people, come"
Hymn tune: America #717 "My country, 'tis of thee"
Gloria Robert Powell
(b 1932)
Children's Choir Natalie Sleeth For these blessings
Hymn tune: Duke Street #148 (Hymnal 1940) 
"O God, beneath thy guiding hand"
Offering Charles Wood
Jubilate Deo in A flat Major
(Cathedral Music)
Hymn tune: Kremser #433 "We gather together"
Sanctus Richard Proulx
(b 1937)
#S125 (from "A Community Mass")
Communion tune: O Welt, Ich Muss Dich Lassen #309 "O Food to pilgrims given"
Communion Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Adoramus Te, Christe
(EC Schirmer 1760)
Psalm chant: Gerald H Knight
#67 "God be merciful unto us and bless us"
Hymn tune: Wir Pflugen #291 "We plow the fields"
Postlude Jean-Baptiste Lully
March Royale

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