St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Gustave Weltsek, Dean 
John Barry, Organist/Choirmaster 
Sunday, November 29, 1998 - Hymnal 1982 
First Sunday in Advent

9:00am - Holy Eucharist [9]
Parish/Family Choir
11:15am - Holy Eucharist [11]
Cathedral Choir
Prelude Johann Sebastian Bach
Chorale Prelude on "Come now, Savior of the Gentiles" (ornamented version)
Antiphon plainsong "O Wisdom, which hast come out of the mouth of the Most High" [11] 
Antiphon plainsong "O Adonai, the leader of the house of Israel" [11]
Hymn tune: Merton #59 "Hark! A thrilling voice is sounding"
Trisagion David Hurd
(b 1950)
Hymn tune: St. Stephen #73 "The King shall come when morning dawns" 
Offering Richard Shephard
(b. 1949)
Prayer For A New Mother [11] 
Hymn tune: Morning Song #9 "Not here for high and holy things" [9]
Hymn tune: Picardy #324 "Let all mortal flesh keep silence" (v. 1 only) [11]
Sanctus David Hurd #S124
Communion tune: Ascension  #75 "There's a voice in the wilderness crying" [9]
Communion John Carol Case The Angel's Carol (1993) [11] 
(Banks Music Publications ECS 296)
Antiphon plainsong "Drop down, ye heavens, from above" [11]
Prose plainsong "Be not wroth very sore, O Lord" [11]
Hymn tune: Helmsley #57 "Lo! He comes"
Postlude Johann Sebastian Bach Chorale Prelude on "Sleepers, Wake!"

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