St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Cathedral Organ

The Cathedral Organ 2006
Austin Organs, Incorporated - Opus 2682; February 1984
RA Colby, Incorporated - rebuilding, additions, new console, and West Organ; April 2006
Broome and Company - Reed Voices
Walker Technical Company - Digital Voices
Daniel Angerstein - Tonal Finishing
John R Parkyn - Organ Consultant, assisted by John Barry, Canon for Music, and Jim Saghir
J Edward Garvin - Organ Curator
Robert Hyde - Cathedral Properties Manager

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  • Specifications for new console and West Organ
  • Pictures of Main Organ and new console
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  • The Cathedral Organ 1984
    Austin Organs, Incorporated - Opus 2682; February 1984
  • Stop List
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