Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial
St. James, France

In May 1998,  my parents, along with my wife and I, visited France, spending much of the time at the Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial near St. James, France, where my father's brother Carley is buried.
(left) The Brittany American Cemetery and the Memorial Chapel 

(right) My uncle, PFC Carley Miller, 121st Infantry, 8th Infantry Division, United States Army; born in the state of Tennessee; died August 17, 1944

(left) The grave of my uncle Carley

(right) My father Bill and I stand by the grave of his brother Carley

(left) The Memorial Chapel, looking to the east down the length of the Mall 

(right) The limestone sculpture "Youth Triumphing Over Evil" is located outside the east end of the Memorial Chapel; the inscription reads: "I have fought a good fight * I have finished my course * I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7)

An antechamber at the entrance to the Memorial Chapel has a stained glass window (left) containing the figure of St. James of Compostello, and the dedicatory inscription (above) for the Memorial Chapel: "1941-1945 * In proud remembrance of the achievements of her sons and in humble tribute to their sacrifices this Memorial has been erected by the United States of America"
(left) The entrance to the Cemetery

(right) The Beuvron River valley, that runs alongside the Cemetery

(left and right) The gardens surrounding much of the Cemetery
(left) A chancel is located in the east end of the Memorial Chapel; the stained-glass window is in the shape of a sexfoil, with the seal of the United States centered within it; the inscription surrounding the window reads: "In the morning ye shall see the glory of the Lord" (Exodus 16:7)

(right) From left to right: my parents, Bill and Doris Miller; myself; my wife, Cindy Miller; Didier and Marie-Thérèse Chambry, our hosts in Monceaux en Bessin, near Bayeux 


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